Brief Introduction of Our Bureau

    The had a profound impact on everyone. Many social problems also arrive one after another. With children, youth, women, senior citizens, physically and mentally disabled people, low-income households and other disadvantaged minorities needing to be considered, social welfare is now facing more complicated and diverse problems.  Therefore, how to establish a mature social welfare system and provide high-quality welfare services to satisfy the needs of the public has become the Government’s important goal in implementation of policies.  
    New Taipei City is large. Its population is higher than the rest of the cities and counties in Taiwan. Until the end of Auuest, 2017, it had over 3,960,000 people. Among the population, there were 635,805 children and youths, 163,498 physically and mentally disabled people, 488,527 senior citizens, and 42,725 low-income people. In addition, the population of new immigration and homeless people is also growing. To meet the needs of increasing welfare diversities for every group of people needing support and assistance, New Taipei City Government Social Affairs Bureau has set up ten district social welfare service centers around the whole county in order to provide its people with complete, diverse, immediate, nearby and family-centered welfare services. Meantime, we positively cooperate with non-governmental organizations and set up strongholds for looking after the needed in different communities so that social welfare support network can be tightly connected. It is hoped to achieve the goal of welfare.

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